Klaus-Dieter Braun (KDB) is a sole proprietorship dedicated to architectural clothing for around two decades. An outstanding position has been taken since 2003 by the material CORTEN around 50 facades and have been installed with Cortensteel.

With the European-wide growth of Corten products, the question of definite solutions in the treatment of the metal surface also grew and KDB has also specialized in this area and for years has been offering a sophisticated and proven surface treatment system. Here are some voices:

"BF Bassett & Findley Ltd,UNITED KINGdDOM: "Thank you very much. I really appreciate it a lot." John van Vlerken, RvS, Netherland:" The trial runs worked well, fantastic - the architect is very happy with it. We now want to order the same materials from you for an order ... "Marxer-Metalldesign, Germany "We tested the test set rust accelerator and sealer and are pleasantly surprised ..."R & S Metallbau GmbH, Germany: "We are very satisfied with these products and have already reordered for the next project." AST Stahlverarbeitung GmbH, GER: "We now know how it works, after each pass new shades emerge, but it works well and is not that aggressive.