COR oxid® only has a pH value of 5 - 6, like acid rain, water has a pH of 7. Therefore, there is a low risk of handling human and material. No rust stopper, no neutralization and no stabilizers necessary. Rust formation in 30 - 90 minutes. Our COR system has now projects in many countries.

COR oxid® GEL Quick Roster high viscosity. Can be applied easily and very smoothly with a sponge. Is without running noses, without dripping and without rolling tracks that these could possibly appear in rust image. Dilutable with water.

Weather-proof steel - colloquial synonym "Corten", has a rust aesthetics which can combine with different styles in their environment or is staged as a real eye-catcher.

The KDB-COR system enables rapid acid-free oxidation. Our Quick Roster COR oxid® forms a fine and adherent rust layer that is not interspersed with reactive chlorides, and is prepared for other optional coatings: NATURAL MATT - SATINA or GLOSS. This is also possible with normal steel but appears less reddish than Cortenstel. For pools and fountains made ​​of corten-steel, there are COR-aqua against a rusting through or clouding of the water.

The KDB-CORsystem is now used throughout Europe and other countries: Planters, Bathrooms ,metaldoors and gat, Stairs, Art-sculptures, facade elements, wall plates and anythinks more. . . In development: give a burnished steel "marbled" Final Finish.


By air or moisture from fingerprints (sweat salts skin + fat) Korossion and staining occurs on bare steel. Our fast-drying "flagship varnish" CORnaturmatt prevents this inconspicuous. He has over the oil or grow the advantage of lasting stability and prevents dirt as by oil etc.

Cortensteel Quickruster & Seal
Instruccions Corten Treatment.pdf (413.04KB)
Cortensteel Quickruster & Seal
Instruccions Corten Treatment.pdf (413.04KB)

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