Cortensteel Oxidation & Seal
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COR oxid® this aqueous rust accelerator forms within 2 - 3 hours your rust patina. Depending on requirements, these can grate surface abrasion resistant and also be sealed to avoid rain dripping water with the specially developed Cortensteel paint system.

COR oxid® GEL Quick Roster high viscosity. Can be applied easily and very smoothly with a sponge. Is without running noses, without dripping and without rolling tracks that these could possibly appear in rust image. Dilutable with water.


Weather-proof steel - colloquial synonym "Corten" - has a rust aesthetics which can combine with different styles in their environment or is staged as a real eye-catcher.

The KDB-COR system enables rapid acid-free oxidation. Our Quick Roster COR oxid® forms a fine and adherent rust layer that is not interspersed with reactive chlorides, and is prepared for other optional coatings: NATURAL MATT - SATINA or GLOSS. This is also possible with normal steel but appears less reddish than Cortenstel. For pools and fountains made ​​of corten-steel, there are COR-aqua against a rusting through or clouding of the water.

The KDB-CORsystem is now used throughout Europe and other countries: Planters, Bathrooms ,metaldoors and gat, Stairs, Art-sculptures, facade elements, wall plates and anythinks more. . . . In development: give a burnished steel "marbled" Final Finish.

Protection for bare steel without rust

By air or moisture from fingerprints (sweat salts skin + fat) Korossion and staining occurs on bare steel. Our fast-drying "flagship varnish" CORnaturmatt prevents this inconspicuous. He has over the oil or grow the advantage of lasting stability and prevents dirt as by oil etc.

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